Which gloves to choose?

Gloves are indispensable equipment in the work of stage technicians, as their hands are most often exposed to the effects of many harmful factors. Appropriate gloves provide protection even in extreme conditions, so it is extremely important to choose the right set for our work.

Full-finger gloves are the most popular model because they will protect the entire hand. However, when we need to perform precise manual work, Framer gloves will be the best choice. They reveal the thumb, index and middle finger, and at the same time still protect the rest of the hand.

lite gloves lite is our basic model of work gloves. Designed for light and precise manual work, fits the hand perfectly. The parts that are most exposed to abrasion have been reinforced with a double stitching and additional material. The outer part is made of thin and breathable material. Thanks to this, they are extremely light.

grip gloves anti-slip grip version has a non-slip silicone coating on the inside. They are made of durable material and have double seams and reinforcements in crucial places.

grip framer gloves grip framer gloves differ from their basic version, as they have leave three fingers exposed (thumb, forefinger and middle finger) for work that requires special manual dexterity.

All gloves have an id on the Velcro along with a white background so that they can be signed. Each model also has terry cloth for wiping sweat.

gloves with a logo

We also offer full personalization of gloves. On special request, we can add a logo that will be placed on the reinforcement around the knuckles and Velcro around the wrist.