We test our tape with stronger adhesive

With the aim to introduce our new tape with stronger glue, we made some small tests. For this purpose we glued our gaffer to 7 different surfaces: wood, metal, glass, plastic, and also to the painted windowsill, desk and polished plywood. We have left the tape glued and we took it off at intervals of 24, 48 and 72 hours respectively. All this to check how the adhesive will behave with such a challenge.

For the test purposes the tape with stronger glue is blue, while gaffer in classic version is our black fabric tape, available for sale at

All this you can check on the movie:

After period of 24 hours we took off first samples of our test tape:

As you can see on the video material, the adhesive is much stronger than classic gaffer, despite this it didn’t leave residue on any of the testing surfaces.

48 hours later we took off next samples:

And also this time the tested tape worked well. As you can see on the movie, the glue is so strong that now we have to repaint the windowsill but still there is no glue left;)

The final and decisive tape pulling off supposed to happen after 72 hours. Unfortunately we had some technical deficiency, which forced us to leave tape for extra three days. The film presents the results of tape detachment after 120 hours!

As you can see, the only surface that has a minimal trace of glue is the glass. Other surfaces are themselves intact.

In conclusion, the tape tested in our view has proven itself almost perfect, that’s why we decided to bring it into permanent sale. The super-strong black gaffer under the brand name can be checked and tested by yourself even this summer! :)