How to recognize a good gaffer tape?

Gaffer type tape is a product used mainly to fasten sound and light equipment, cables, scenery, marking the positions, etc. It’s found within accessories used on stage, movie plan, TV studio or theatre.

Many factors has influence on the fact if a chosen tape fulfills our expectations. To make a best choice of the product which meets our needs you have to pay special attention for its features.


First of all good gaffer tape is easy to tear in hands. The tape easy tears in different directions. In a special way we can easy divide it into smaller pieces along and across, but it’s still strong, flexible and durable.

Another good gaffer tape’s feature is the fact, that glue remains on tape, even after gluing glued sides of tape, after tearing it the glue stays in proper sides of the tape. This guaranties that after tearing the tape from the surface the glue will remain on the tape – not on the surface and will not leave any traces.

Furthermore a good gaffer tape is:

waterproof (PE layer), which makes it possible to use it outdoors, not worrying for bad weather conditions,

matt, thanks to that it doesn’t reflect the light,

– made of strong, dense woven fabric, which has a great influence on its quality, but remains thin and therefore easy to use.


If you’re interested how good gaffer works in practice please check our short information movie: