Zip-tie holster
Zip-tie holster

Zip-tie holster

Thanks to our zip-tie holster you’ll never have to worry about losing your precious cable ties, because they’ll be always by your side!

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Equipped with two tightening straps that keep them in one place, it effectively prevents their loss. The first strap is a stretchy rubber cord that will wrap around the bag's diameter as soon as it is tightened. It is secured with a metal eyelet to prevent possible damage. The second strap is a bit wider, 15 mm long polyester, used to regulate the bag diameter and has a blockade against possible stretching. Thanks to it, the handle can be threaded through the trouser belt, and the plastic carabiner we have included can be used to fasten it if necessary.

This holster is designed in such a way that the diameter provides space for the entire set of one hundred pieces of 4.8 mm width, and thanks to the height of 21 cm, it fits perfectly on the stringers with a minimum length of 100 mm and longer.


length (incl. Carabiner): 21 cm,

weight: 40 g.