fluo fluorescent tape
fluo fluorescent tape

fluo fluorescent tape

This has never happened before.

You know our gafer.pl tapes? Now we add fluorescent tapes to our known and valued material tapes! An absolute must have of this year!

Fluorescent fabric tape, 25 m long and 12, 19, 24 or 48 mm wide, in four vivid colors.

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After the huge success of our gafer.pl tapes in standard black and white colors, the time has come to expand our offer with fluorescent tapes! They are characterized by the fact that they shine in black light (UV), making them ideal for marking poorly lit places. Our no-residue gaffa fluo can be easily tear by hand.

The fluo gafer.pl tape is available in a length of 25 m and four width and as many as four distinct colors: yellow, green, pink and orange.

It is an essential product in every case. Try it today!

The adhesive lifetime of the tape is 1 year from the date of purchase.

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