Hook and loop tie
Hook and loop tie

Hook and loop tie

Professional gafer.pl hook and loop tie, band equipped with a description field, which facilitates identification, and a buckle that facilitates the process of strapping the cables. Designed for repeated opening and closing.

For easier identification of the length of cables or their type, the tie is available in five colors: red, green, blue, yellow and black and three lengths: 260 mm, 400 mm i 550 mm – each with a width of 25 mm.

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The tie consists of two types of hook and loop tape: longer one with loops and shorter one with hooks.

Ties are available in five colors for easier identification of cable lengths or their type. Additionally it is possible to place an inscription, e.g., with a marker or pen on a specially designed white field, so there is another opportunity to mark the length, type or owner of the cable.


width: 25 mm,
lengths: 260 mm, 400 mm and 550 mm,
colors: red, blue, yellow, silver and black,
– a clamp that makes it easier to attach a cable tie,
– set of 5 pieces.

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