Matt black fabric gaffer tape
Matt black fabric gaffer tape

Matt black fabric gaffer tape

To meet the numerous customer requests for cheaper black matt tape, after many months of searching and testing, we found a producer who manufacturer a tape in premium quality and an economical price. Order before you run out.

A fabric, matt gaffer tape; width 50 mm or 25 mm, length 50 m or 25 m. Available in black.

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We proudly present our gaffer tape. It's strong, densely woven, but thin (290-300µm). Matt fabric tape is covered with PE, which makes it waterproof, so you can use it outdoors. High quality adhesive doesn't remain on the surface nor cables (we have tested it in different conditions). The tape is easy to tear. High-quality gafer. We vouch for this product.

Ideal for any stage, theatre, film and tv applications. Used for attaching elements of sound system, lighting, wiring, joining elements of scenography, marking locations of equipment arrangement, etc.

The adhesive lifetime of the tape is 1 year from the date of purchase.

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